Notepads, or cubes are the perfect solution in situations when there is a need to make a particular note containing an important information. They can be very useful as as for an ordinary office workers, so for representatives of large management companies. In our printing company one can always make cubes according to the wishes of the customer.

As a rule, cubes are a unit, consisting of sheets of paper fastened together by means of hot melt adhesive. In the process of printing mostly is used uncoated paper and the length of the sides in most cases is about 8-10 centimeters.

Area of application

We should also mention that any block-cube can be a good (and unobtrusive at the same time) advertisement through the use of the company’s logo on each of its pages. It also can be very helpful as a business souvenir for the partners of company or its clients.

Besides the daily office work, cubes can be extremely helpful in the process of:

  • Conferences.
  •  Meetings.
  • Exhibitions.
  • Presentations.

Main settings

Before you order block cubes, it is desirable to clarify some important points. These include:

  • The shape and size.
  • Number of sheets.
  • Paper density.
  • Color of printing.
  • Specifics of development  (the use of organization's logo, etc.).
  • he presence or absence of adhesive bonding and plastic boxes.
  • Circulation.

It is noteworthy that despite its modest exterior, cubes are a great helpe in any business, combining a maximum usability and a low cost. And this makes them one of the most popular products produced by any modern printing.


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