In the production of printed materials Prepress  plays the most important role. Depending on how competently will be held this process, also called Prepress, will largely depend the quality of the printed product.

What is Prepress

Creation of printed products is a complex set of hardworking and time-consuming operations. In order to get high-quality printing it is necessary for raster files to have a sufficiently high resolution - 300 dpi. At the same time A3 file can take 150 MB of disk space. Up to 5 files of this kind, with different designs will be necessary to agree the layout with the customer.

Considering that when working with Photoshop all temporary files grow four times, eating large amounts of memory on the hard disk, to quickly and easily develop and deliver a good design for approval is impossible. Therefore, design development is carried out at a low resolution. Already selected as agreed with the customer option should be developed and brought to a resolution of 300 dpi.

Layout  development, its coordination and bringing to an acceptable printing type are the goals and objectives of Prepress. In other words, the Prepress (Prepress) is a special stage of printing process of printing products, serving for the development and preparation of the layout for printing. In this process are reached:
  • design solution of printing products;
  • required image resolution;
  • the optimal brightness and contrast;
  • the correct color;
  • correction of errors generated during scanning.

Operations performed during Prepress

Prepress can include in itself the following operations:

  • the design development;
  • the creation of the layout;
  • retouching images, deleting corrections;
  • color separations - file transfer from RGB to CMYK;
  • color correction;
  • tone correction;
  • Trapping, processing of text images and paintings;
  • installation and layout;
  • file creation for photo output;
  • form development for printing

This is the general list of works, but to create specific layouts must take into account specifics of the image and the use of a particular type of operation to obtain the output quality product.

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