Business diary is considered one of the most important elements of corporate culture of any organization. Be it a classical or an individual, these assistants have long become a mandatory attribute of most business people. They can be used as promotional souvenir or as a gift for the clients, employees and business partners. In our printing house, you can order diaries, made according to all of your wishes.

Multifunctional notebook - that is the modern diary, containing both standard background information and additional useful to its owner information. Such can be information about the company, management’s contact information and much more. Besides, diaries a great help in planning, not letting the owner forget about one or another important event.

Ways of using.

The main parameters determining the process of making the diaries are:

  • Decor. Choosing of colors and the possibility of branding.
  • Type of the cover. Paper, cardboard, made of leather or imitation of leather.
  • Resolution. The most popular are- A4, A5, A6.
  • The inner content. The presence or absence of dating, the corporate logo on the pages, etc.

Furthermore, additional processing of the diary performed after printing, may include:

  • Stamping (blind or with foil).
  • Embroidery.
  • Lamination (For covers from paper).
  • Silk-screen printing.

It should be noted that the production of diaries shall be trusted only to professionals who have in this case an adequate level of qualification. Responsibly can state, that the experts working in our printing house, are in full compliance with this requirement.

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