Offset printing is a printing technology, in which the ink through an intermediate offset cylinder is transferred from the printing form to the printed material. The technology is not so new, it has existed for more than 100 years, and since its existence offset  is a major printing method, which guaranties high definition, brightness and good color reproduction at relatively low cost.

Many of you have probably already appreciated in practice the benefits that offset has,  if not yet, then you will be interested to know about them:

  1. Top quality printing. If on printing material is necessary to achieve excellent color, good contrast and high definition images, then the offset is exactly what you need. And it is not important on which media printing is carried out, for example a3 offset printing or a2 offset printing in quality will not be anything different from the same printing technology, but on smaller carriers.
  2. Wide range of printed materials. Of course, first of all it is a paper and any paper, even a cardboard can fit, and plain paper, and a special design. But not paper alone, offset printing can be carried out on the fabric, and on film, and many other materials. The quality, however, remains on the top.
  3. Low cost. Offset printing allows us to achieve the minimum cost of printing on each copy in case of large printed edition. In practice this means that the more you print, the more you save, respectively, it is an ideal solution for wholesale customers. Knowing about that quality of this printing technology, you can successfully manage your expenses associated with its production - combine several printing parties into one, for example. At the same time, saving begins with not with very large quantities – so, if  an offset a2 printing is carried out, then experts recommend to start with a quantity of not less than 1000 prints, if offset printing A3, then 500 prints.
  4. High-speed of printing. Offset printing is "faster" from  all competing technologies in the shortest possible time, it allows to produce medium and large print, without any loss of product quality of portable image.
  5. The ability to use printed materials of different sizes, from smallest to large. So, offset printing allows  to use paper from the small format and up to A1.
  6. Possibility of Afterprinting.
  7. Printing can be done with Panton and metallic inks.

The list goes on and on, but all of the above is enough to make a conclusion about the quality and validity of the application of this printing technology for a wide range of issues. We have considered the advantages that offset printing has, but what about the disadvantages? In fact they don’t exist, of course as a disadvantage can be considered the fact that this type of printing is more expensive if you use it for the production of small quantity of printed products, but here it all ends. In fact it is a completely universal method.

Offset printing is carried out on all types of surfaces, our facilities are equipped with modern high-tech equipment, which allows us to ensure the highest quality of printed products at high speed of order processing and affordable prices.

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